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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Over the weekend Bigg Von made it happen again! Founder of Corporate Culture Marketing and its team filmed their first pilot episode of Toxsanity!

Bigg Von serving as the Director, Producer, CoWriter, and Independent Filmmaker, WHEW as if he needs to add any more credentials to his resume, but he's done just that! While Bigg Von is ecstatic to have the privilege of living his dream out loud, he is most excited to give others an opportunity to pursue their dreams and new endeavors also!

Bigg Vonn personally handpicked his actors, actresses, staff, and interns to take part in this project. Giving some of them, a fresh opportunity in the entertainment industry, with the only goal being to help others live their dreams too!

Toxsanity is a sitcom series written by Bigg Von and Christina Chatine that will discover toxic relationships of all sorts, especially exploring the toxic behaviors demonstrate within relationships and situationships. Although we have not been given any exclusive on the storylines of the casts, however, he promises a sneak preview that you don't want to miss. We managed to capture these behind the scene clips.

Corporate Culture Marketing is not only focused on assigning roles to those behind the scene and on the screen. Small business owners are welcomed too! Detroit Grizzley a local clothing brand, became one of many small business sponsors to have the opportunity to display their brand and partner with a company that will help them reach their endeavors as well.

Contact to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Shop Small Business, support Detroit Grizzley Apparel at

It's a wrap ladies and gentlemen please follow us on all social media platforms and don't forget to subscribe for updates on our website. This is your direct pipeline to getting our Culture News! Subscribe Now

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