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Founded in 2020 by World-renowned Producer, BiggVon. Corporate Culture Marketing is a full-service one-stop-shop for Music Production, Video, Film, and Marketing. We collaborate with artists and companies worldwide and have developed a strong reputation as a result of our memorable tracks and professional recordings.


From custom-made commercial projects to film scores, we write, compose, and remaster original sounds. We also work with 3rd party publishers and labels in order to incorporate licensed material into our work. To top it all off, our services are available for involving artists, actors, actresses to some of the most sought out celebrities in the industry. 


Are you looking to level up? You made it to the right place.

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We’re all about the music - from film scores to commercial projects and everything in between. Corporate Culture Marketing is a full-service music production company made up of a diverse staff of composers and producers. The team at Corporate Culture Marketing have lent their award-winning talents to brands and artists all over the nation. If you have a project that needs inspirational sounds, need a music video and/or screenplay produced get in touch with us today.

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Corporate Culture Marketing provides the highest level of one-stop-shop to make your music career happen in whichever capacity you require. From recording and mixing to composition and licensing, to public relations, management, artist development, influencer marketing, one-stop-shop for all of your music needs.
We know what it takes to make a great product, and with our years of experience, we’re well versed in doing so.

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Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Feb 06
    Talent Showcase
    Feb 06, 2025, 10:00 AM
    Talent Showcase
    Talent Showcase connects aspiring models, actors, singers & dancers with Industry Professionals and Direct Opportunities. Celebrity Judges and More
  • Sat, Mar 01
    The Small Business Project
    Mar 01, 2025, 9:00 AM
    The Small Business Project
    Join our Founder Bigg Von, and facilitators Dr. Sabrina Jackson, Latoya Early and Natasha Lee as they help build 100 businesses within 6 months. If you're a aspiring artist this is the perfect opportunity to start and level up your brand with experts.
  • Mon, Dec 28
    Dec 28, 2020, 11:30 AM – Jan 17, 2021, 3:30 PM
    Casting "Toxsanity"a story that touches ten topics on toxic relationships.


Artist Marcel Anthony debuts his first single Let Me Breathe with Sada Baby. Video directed by BiggVon.


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