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A great lover of music, his understanding of music is incredible and has contributed tremendously to the growth of the music industry. With a degree in business management and psychology, BiggVon uses both his knowledge and experience to assist aspiring, fast-rising, and aficionados with quality sounds that match their music style and genre. His expertise cuts across all genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Pop Music, Rock ’n’ Roll, Gospel, Reggae, amongst others. Some of his career highlights include producing jingles and songs for different companies and soundtracks played on various films, and TV shows, including Lionsgate, CubeVision, ABC, CBS, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BET, Starz, Spike TV, Fox Network, ESPN, Oxygen, and VH1. Continue Reading Here

BiggVon, alongside his dedicated production team, has collectively produced a vast amount of hit records. His accomplishment and proven track record make him distinguished and proficient in carrying out any project to conclusion.

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