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Corporate Culture Marketing & Film Presents DEMENTED a Horror/Thriller Series!

There is no better time of the year to watch scary movies than in October! Consequently, new horrors and thrillers are dropping throughout this month to supply us with lots of thrills, pun intended. What's refreshing is that African American talent is being given more opportunities for inclusion in horror & thriller film projects. This vision of diversity inspires Bigg Von, Founder of Corporate Culture Marketing & Film (CCMF) who reveals in all the possibilities this diversity creates and enjoys watching each one play out in filmmaking.

The amazing Detroit creatives, team, and cast are proud to release the highly-anticipated titles of the short thrillers episodes of DEMENTED that were announced earlier this year.

The series is an emotional rollercoaster taking us for a ride through the protagonists'. The visuals created by the diversity of the actors are something rarely seen in the horror and thriller film industry. Corporate Culture Marketing and Films is preparing to share its production with its viewers, sponsors, and partners with a private screening on 10/31 at Emagine Theater. Are you ready for a never seen before thriller series? Demented is coming soon. Here are a few behind the scene thrills.

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