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Corporate Culture Marketing & Films is on the move making Horror Films & More! WHO GO STOP US?

If you've been following our News & Updates here in Culture News then you probably know the power moves that Founder Bigg Von has been making in the music & film industry. Well, he hasn't stopped moving the needle just yet. What's New?

TOXSANITY has added more Small businesses to their lineup! "The goal is to make an impact on the community while making great content for the world to see" Our formula to helping small businesses and minorities level up has just began. We are here to do it for the Culture!

Still sourcing small business sponsors, Corporate Culture Marketing has added Eastpointe, MI boutique Dessy & Co. ( to his cast showcasing her beautiful establishment & customer service. JDesray Hicks, Owner of Dessy & Co. expressed great gratitude for the marketing opportunity to feature in such a project. "I've never thought that my boutique could be featured in a film, it's a surreal moment. A special thank you to the Being That Girl Agency and Bigg Von for the opportunity."

Udrinkimake ( was also selected to showcase her mobile bartending services in an episode of Toxsanity. Founder, Mary said that she enjoyed the opportunity to work with an amazing cast, back scenes she taught them how to mix drinks for the scene. " I am anticipating supporting to show. I think it's a beautiful experience to be able to showcase my work in such a compacity. I appreciate the opportunity to market my brand on this platform."

Bigg Von also admits that it's been a grand feeling to give back to the community. "Over the last 20 years,breaking into the industry from any perspective is difficult including the aspect of marketing & advertising for minorities. My team and I wanted to create a breakthrough. I'm proud of the progress.

New Horror Flick being filmed in Atlanta, GA! Tired of those same Horror Films? Get prepared to see something different! Scary Movies will never be the same!

Since Corporate Culture solidified its the state of the art filming equipment and its team. The filming has been nonstop. Now Bigg Von is currently directing, producing, and writing horror films DEMENTED. The leading serial killer/psycho role is being played out by Actor Alphonso Settles, rising Detroit Native is currently making a mark with a series of leading roles featured on the Amazon Prime TV platform.

Thus far, Corporate Culture Marketing and Films has successfully filmed relationship series, a comedy sitcom, and now horror. What's next? Stay Tuned! Subscribe to Corporate Culture News for more updates.

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