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Director, Screenwriter and Producer Bigg Von is heavy in his craft making the magic behind the scenes happen. Over the last 2 months, the Toxsanity cast and crew has been working long days and nights, 18 hour days reported for last weekend.

Steamy scene-looks like someone reached a breaking point
Actor @mr.amazn1 & Actress @Shavannahre

When asked, Do you have time to sleep? “I’ll have time to sleep once I’ve completed filming” says the ambitious Director. The entire cast all have the same energy toward the project. Ofcourse setting the tone for a successful production.

SMALL BUSINESSES need our support more than ever. This is why our team has crafted an amazing marketing strategy that integrate local small business owners and creators into our film.

It was a pleasure for the cast to film in a Historically Black Neighborhood filming at one of the most highest sought out locations for Air BNB’s in the Detroit Metropolitan Area! If you need a location thats in the heart of the city and near the latest #Detroit attractions book your reservations now!

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